FISPA | LIVE Update 12-10-19

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Hello  FISPA Members,

It’s your de facto FISPA Live conference chair with an update regarding this event.  Gayle, (FISPA’s  go to gal), Tom Forte and myself met in New Orleans on Nov. 21, 2019.  The team had meetings with the Sheraton and other vendors to finalize the details.   Our group met some wonderful people, got some great ideas and  received answers to the millions of questions we had.   Oh… and we met the best waiter ever at the Sheraton, his name is Brandon.  Brandon is between Gayle and I in the picture below and is looking forward to meeting all of you in February, as we couldn’t stop talking about our fellow FISPA members.  I am looking forward to hearing if you too believe that he is the best server ever or if it was the Hurricane influencing my judgement.

Speaking of Hurricanes Gayle and I had the arduous and grueling task of identifying and sampling the wares of a number of local establishments that we may or may not be visiting the evening of Thursday, Feb. 6th while on our Pub Crawl. Tough decisions had to be made and I am happy to tell you that we managed to successfully complete the task. The next image was taken when visiting one of the said establishments. Anybody know which one? Beignets on me for the first person to tell me where Gayle and I were when the picture was taken.

By the way…. We had the best Beignets! Forget Café Du Monde, Café Beignet rocks. While you are in New Orleans, take 30 minutes out of your day (just not during breakout sessions) to visit the café, it is just a few blocks from our hotel.

Back to the Hurricanes, can you believe that prior to our trip, Gayle had never tried a Hurricane? It’s true! Needless to say we had to stop by Pat O’Brien’s so she could taste one of NOLA’s most famous drinks. The fountain (pictured below) is on the back patio, I can personally tell you that fountain produces a lot of heat! We ended our evening task at Cat’s Meow where we watched many a person do hilarious acts of frivolity and sing Madonna songs. Too funny!

Seriously we did get a lot accomplished on our trip. The Conference Committee is trying to make FISPA Live 2020 an event to remember. We have made arrangements for transportation to and from the hotel and have teamed up with a company called Joieful to provide your loved ones with a variety of activities while we are in session. Gayle will be sending more details on transportation and activities soon. In the meantime please, DO NOT FORGET TO REGISTER ON 12/12! Seriously guys it’s really important that you register now. We need accurate counts for food lodging goodies etc. FISPA can have the best vendors but if we don’t have attendees it’s all for not. The conference committee is made up of board members and volunteers, without your participation and especially your attendance it will be very hard to make this a valuable and memorable experience for us all.

I would like to apologize for the hiccups we have had with registration, the issue has been resolved and you should not have any further problems. I would like to close by letting you know that we have some new sponsors this year. I hope that you will stop by their booths to see what they have to offer, because without them this event would not be possible.

Happy Holidays to you all and please don’t forget to register this Thursday!


Elise J. Brentnall
President & C.O.O.
South Valley Internet Incorporated